2016 Rules

To keep race day running smoothly, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Henderson Harbor Triathlon/Aquabike’s rules. Have a question? Check our FAQ, leave a comment below, or contact us!

Swim Instructions

1) Race numbers will be marked on the right arm and thigh.

2) Swim caps are required!

3) In the water start.

4) Exit the water on the right-hand side of the boat launch; proceed over the timing mat, and enter the marked transition area on the left.


Road Bike Instructions

1) Only one bike per participant/team allowed in the transition area.

2) Race numbers must be pinned on the chest or back, and the sticker affixed to the front of each helmet – Required!

3) Numbered race belts are permitted.

4) TEAMS: When your swimmer tags the biker, they may leave the transition area, keeping to the right of the cones.

5) Do not mount bicycles until you are on the pavement.

6) Bikers leaving the transition area must wear buckled helmets with stickers attached.

7) Turn to the right as you leave the Boat Launch area.

Run Instructions

1) Race numbers must be pinned on the chest or back.

2) Stay to the left of the cones on your way out of the Boat Launch area.

3) Turn to the left as you leave the Boat Launch area.

4) Headphones, iPods and other devices are prohibited. Participants using headphones, iPods or other devices will be disqualified.